Blended Frozen Yogurt

It’s different. It’s blended. It’s so Melbourne.

Grab a cup

Ready to create your own flavour?

Gather local fruits & treats from our frozen bar

We love local and do our best to source from Aussie farms seasonally to provide you with the tastiest, most nutrient rich ingredients.

Blend into natural frozen yogurt

Our Yogurt is made using local non-homogenised full cream milk. It’s so fresh and creamy you can taste the difference!

Top with something nutty, crunchy or sweet

your frozen creation

About Jay's Yogurt

Our frozen bar is packed full of freshly gathered produce from local Aussie farms. You step up and become the creator, choosing whatever tickles your taste buds. We blend your creation into our freshly made cultured yogurt. Finally, top it with something crunchy, nutty or sweet. And there you have it, your very own frozen yogurt creation!

It’s different. It’s blended. It’s so Melbourne.